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TeamsID 3.0 – New features to increase your team’s productivity and security!

by John Hall

Although TeamsID is a new approach to password management, our company SplashData has been securing passwords for millions of customers since 2005.  Over that time, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide our customers with powerful password solutions that enable users to be more productive.  We applied the same approach to our TeamsID 3.0 update, which includes […]

Announcing our Worst Passwords of 2016

by Morgan

“123456” and “password” again top SplashData’s annual “Worst Passwords List” Three variations of “password” appear on this year’s list of risky passwords; millions of users continue putting themselves at risk LOS GATOS, CA – A few months ago there were news reports that the hacking of Democratic National Committee’s John Podesta’s email was made easier […]

How to hacker proof your email

by Ravi Jagtiani

Today, email has become ubiquitous as a source of communications. People sometimes forget, though, that email accounts can act as “keys to the kingdom” of passwords since so many sites have “forgot password” features that send resets to your email account. Email accounts also often contain very personal and valuable information about you. Thus, it […]

How to choose a right password?

by Ravi Jagtiani

When given the task of choosing passwords, people often take a moment to think about what they should use. After all, the password you choose will determine the vulnerability of your private information. So what goes into choosing a good password? One mistake that people often make is they make their password short. Let’s face […]

Will passwords be ever replaced?

by Ravi Jagtiani

Today, passwords are central to the online security process. Passwords are used to protect almost all our personal and business information. However, as well all know, passwords can be vulnerable. So the question is: Will passwords ever be replaced? Let’s look at some alternatives. One alternative to passwords that is often used today is the […]

Your passwords speak a lot about your personality

by Ravi Jagtiani

Some people like to choose a random set of letters and numbers for their passwords. Others choose a password that mean something to them, that pertains to their characteristics. For example, one might choose their password to be his or her favorite sports team. Such passwords often speak a lot about your personality. Many people […]

iOS and Android apps updated with SSL pinning for security

by Morgan

Our TeamsID iOS and Android apps were updated today with security enhancements including SSL pinning. What Is SSL Pinning? Put simply, SSL pinning is making sure a mobile application such as TeamsID’s iOS app or Android app double checks a server’s security certificate. We are bundling our server’s SSL certificate inside our apps and ensuring that any SSL request […]

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Conquer Time Management

by Morgan

Today’s guest post is from personal productivity expert Brittany Wheeler. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you’d like to see more guest posts like this from experts in business productivity and security. _____ 10 Ways to Conquer Time Management Businesses large or small have moving parts that have to synchronize in order for […]

Meet the new TeamsID

by Arjun Thyagarajan

We’re excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the last several months. Our goal is to empower teams and make managing passwords easy and safe for everyone. And today, we’re a big step closer to that goal with an all new version of TeamsID. Why a new version of TeamsID? Teams of […]

Join the beta for our new version of TeamsID

by Morgan

Our team has been hard at work building a new version of TeamsID, and we’re opening it up to interested users to beta test before we do a full launch! Get your hands on the pre-release and enjoy all new features before the official release. And please help us improve TeamsID by reporting any issues […]