TeamsID is a powerful password solution for your business.

Your business will be more secure, team members will spend less time looking for information, and get more work done.


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Manage and provide your employees with the access they need to be successful.

API Integrations

RESTful TeamsID API’s are available for your custom end points.

Admin Controls

Organizational admins have access to all team settings, they can set password policies, edit records, add or remove users, and download activity logs.

SSL & Subdomains

Use your Secure Sockets Layer and your subdomain

FREE Resource | Lean Security Checklist

With this checklist, we’re going to run through some of the most common questions, concerns, and problems faced by small businesses and startups and address how you can create a security plan for your business that matches your needs without requiring heavy time or budget investment up front.

TeamsID is the easiest way for businesses to secure and share access.

Manage employees, contractors, & freelancers access to your business tools.

Everyone needs access their respective tools to be productive.  Let your organization admin secure, and manage your businesses important information in one central location.

TeamsID provides unmatched password security for businesses.

Zero knowledge security architecture.

TeamsID will never be able to access or see your records or passwords.

TeamsID is your password manager, host it where you want.

Self-hosted (on-premises) or TeamsID hosted.

Choose to host TeamsID with us through Amazon AWS or on your own on-premises. In under 10 minute we can get TeamsID installed on your Linux box or right away through Amazon AWS.

Centrally manage your company’s records, despite mobilization in the workforce.

TeamsID App Store
TeamsID Mac App Store
TeamsID Windows App Store
TeamsID Google Play
TeamsID Chrome Extension

Single Sign On (SSO) IdP platforms available for businesses.

Businesses gain operational efficiency with TeamsID.

”It is simple yet powerful password solution product. With TeamsID we feel safe and secure with their powerful encryption. Fully integrated with google for work with single sign on which no other competitor has.“

Mary Lewis
IT Administrator

“This app is the slack of password management, so awesome to have all my passwords and records in such a well-built app. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much time is frees up my employees. Awesome app!”

Matt Gazipura
CEO & Founder

“TeamsID has allowed us to segment our passwords to relevant people. IT gets access to the logins and FTP access they need. We are also able to segment based on company role, as well as individual teams.”

Andrew Davis
Operations Director

TeamsID is a password management solution you can trust!

$ 2,500

$2,500 Installation Fee
Custom Implementation
Platform APIs
Call – (415) 525-9175

$ 3

Yearly Commitment
ALL Features Included
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Records
14 Day FREE Trial

$ 5

Monthly Commitment
ALL Features Included
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Records
14 Day Free Trial


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