Are you having trouble remembering your complex passwords?


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Are you hesitant to share passwords with co-workers or family members?

Security concerns can hold you back for being more productive.

Sharing passwords over Slack, Skype, Google Sheets or Docs is inefficient and time wasting.

Are you having trouble finding one central location to store passwords?

A combination of spreadsheets, documents, sticky notes & yelling is not the answer.

Shared spreadsheets and documents are a great way for teams to share their work with each other, but sharing passwords should be done with a secure password manager.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you find the right solution! Let’s start by checking your company’s current password security vulnerabilities.

With TeamsID, you’ll never have to remember another password again!

Adding records is simple.

Once you’ve added your records in TeamsID, you’ll have access to all of your tools with just a click of a button.

TeamsID is the easiest way for everyone in your company to share passwords.

Share passwords with work teams, contractors, family members & freelancers.

Everyone has their respective tools they need access to.  Give your employees or family members the credentials they need to get work done.

TeamsID is the only password manager in your Google Apps for Work G Suite.

Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Users with a google account can login to TeamsID without a password.

TeamsID is everywhere you need it to be.

TeamsID is your password manager, host it where you want.

Self-hosted (on premise) or TeamsID hosted.

Choose to host TeamsID with us through Amazon AWS or on your own on premise. In under 10 minute we can get TeamsID installed on your Linux box or right away through Amazon AWS.

TeamsID is integrated with your Single Sign On (SSO) IdP platform.

TeamsID is loved by work & IT teams.

”It is simple yet powerful password solution product. With TeamsID we feel safe and secure with their powerful encryption. Fully integrated with google for work with single sign on which no other competitor has.“

Mary Lewis
IT Administrator

“This app is the slack of password management, so awesome to have all my passwords and records in such a well-built app. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much time is frees up my employees. Awesome app!”

Mo Gazipura
CEO & Founder

“TeamsID has allowed us to segment our passwords to relevant people. IT gets access to the logins and FTP access they need. We are also able to segment based on company role, as well as individual teams.”

Sara Davis
Operations Director

TeamsID is a password management solution you can trust!

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