TeamsID is the only password manager built for Google Apps for Work!

TeamsID Google App for Work enables you to extend the power of Google Apps and make sharing passwords easy and safe for everyone in your business.


Extend the power of your Google Apps by adding a password manager.

Where security meets the simplicity of Google

TeamsID is as easy to use as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.  If you’re a Google Apps for Work, there is not an easier way to secure your company’s passwords.

Access all your company’s tools without ever entering a password.

A Google Single Sign On (SSO) password management solution.

Your employees will never have to remember another password again.  Users with a google account can login to TeamsID without a password

FREE Business Report | Vulnerability Report

Our security experts created a vulnerability report so your business can grade your current security procedures. The will tell you how quickly hackers can crack your passwords, the cost of an attack on your business and the likelihood of an attack with your current security protocols.

Admin controls make it easy to manage who has access to your company’s tools.

Adding and removing employees is quick and painless.

With TeamsID, IT Admins have complete control over who has access to your company’s passwords and records. You’ll no longer have to change your passwords when an employee leaves the company.

Stop handing your passwords over to freelancers and contractors.

Secrete passwords allow businesses to share passwords without compromising security.

Changing your passwords after a contractor or freelancer’s work is completed can be annoying and time consuming.  With TeamsID’s Secrete Password your teams will be more secure and save time.

TeamsID is everywhere you need it to be.

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TeamsID is loved by work & IT teams.

”It is simple yet powerful password solution product. With TeamsID we feel safe and secure with their powerful encryption. Fully integrated with google for work with single sign on which no other competitor has.“

Mary Lewis
IT Administrator

“This app is the slack of password management, so awesome to have all my passwords and records in such a well-built app. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much time is frees up my employees. Awesome app!”

Matt Gazipura
CEO & Founder

“TeamsID has allowed us to segment our passwords to relevant people. IT gets access to the logins and FTP access they need. We are also able to segment based on company role, as well as individual teams.”

Andrew Davis
Operations Director

TeamsID is a password management solution you can trust!

$ 3

$2,500 Installation Fee
Custom Implementation
Platform APIs
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$ 3

Yearly Commitment
ALL Features Included
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Records
14 Day FREE Trial

$ 5

Monthly Commitment
ALL Features Included
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Records
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