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TeamsID Google Apps

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Install Google App

If you’re a Google Apps for Work admin or reseller for a business, install TeamsID from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Assign permissions

Create one or more teams to invite members. Usually, it is the admin or someone technical in the team who sets it up for others.

Invite members

Admin invites a member to join the team and the user accepts the invitation. Then the user becomes a member on the team.

Your Teams Will Instantly Be More Productive

Get More Work Done


“TeamsID has allowed us to segment our passwords to relevant people. The entire company has implemented TeamsID. IT now has access to the logins and FTP access they need. Our SEO department has access to all of our SEO related data (Moz, SEMrush), and we were also able to segment based on company role, as well as individual teams.”

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A Simple Yet Powerful Password Solution


Our Google integration makes TeamsID as easy to use as Google Docs, Google Sheets or any other Google App for Work. Easily share passwords and records with internal or external team members.


Have full control of your organization’s passwords and records with advanced admin features. Use RESTful TeamsID API’s for your custom end points.

You Get Best-of-Class Password Security with TeamsID

1,000,000+ Customers

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions have over 1 million consumer and business users.

1,000+ Businesses

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions has served over 1000+ businesses for the last 15 years,

10,000,000+ Records

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions store over 10 million user records safely encrypted.

The ONLY password manager in your G Suite!

TeamsID will keep your company more secure, your work teams will spend less time tracking down passwords, and teams will be more productive.

$ 3

TeamsID is $3/user per month. A small cost to securing your company in this digital world.  Your first 14 days are FREE, no credit card needed to try TeamsID!