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Great teams get great security & productivity with TeamsID

TeamsID is from SplashData, which has been securing passwords and other confidential data for over 15 years. From companies with off-the-charts growth to local businesses and non-profits, teams love TeamsID.

TeamsID Google App for Work

TeamsID Google App for Work enables you to extend the power of Google Apps and make sharing passwords easy and safe for everyone in your business.

How do I install TeamsID Google App

Install TeamsID in 2 minutes

In this video, see the installation of TeamsID and help you get started in minutes. No setup, no training fees. It’s as easy to use as Gmail or any other app in the G suite.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy

TeamsID is optimized for Google Apps. Getting started is easy – Install Google App, Setup teams and then invite members into those teams. Then, anyone in a team can start creating records and making them available to others. You can also create confidential records that only you have access to.

Install Google App

If you’re a Google Apps for Work admin or reseller for a business, install TeamsID from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Assign permissions

Create one or more teams to invite members. Usually, it is the admin or someone technical in the team who sets it up for others.

Invite members

Admin invites a member to join the team and the user accepts the invitation. Then the user becomes a member on the team.

What does TeamsID feature?

Feature by feature

See all TeamsID features and how they work wonders for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.

Get started

At-a-glance Admin dashboard provides feedback on record security to keep your team’s information safe

Due dates

Due dates ensure every record gets completed on time. You also receive an alert when a record is due.


Add files from your computer to any TeamsID records and you can add up to three attachments per record.


Frequent a record, mark it a favorite. TeamsID comes with a favorites filters, so it is easy to get to your favorite records

Simple pricing
$ 3/user

We’re confident you’ll find increased productivity and security for you and everyone you work with for low as $3 per user per month. Pricing details

Install Google App

Password manager that means business

TeamsID provides a flexible and powerful way to make sure all the right people have access to all the updated information.

Easy of use

Designed to be powerful but simple to set up and use. Get your business started in minutes.


Enables individuals and teams to be more productive – no more emails or calls about passwords or other records

Anywhere anytime

With web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows native apps, everything is in sync. Plus, integration with Google Apps.

Why do people love TeamsID?

TeamsID is simple to use for you and your entire team. Information stays secure and is easy to look up. TeamsID has the features you need to move projects forward faster.

  • Admins

    — Curtis Friesen, CTO

    ”The fantastic thing about TeamsID is that it is completely permission driven. You get to decide who sees what!“

  • Users

    — Sara, Foxtail Marketing

    “For the first time, I don’t need to ask anyone for login to website. It saves all of us time, as a result we stay focused on our clients and their projects.”

You’re in good hands

While TeamsID is a new approach to password management for teams, it’s built on our extraordinary foundation of 15 years of password management experience at SplashData.

1,000,000+ customers

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions have over 1 million consumer and business users.

1,000+ business

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions has over 1000 businesses using the product.

10,000,000+ records

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions store over 10 million user records safely encrypted.

Setup TeamsID Google App

If your company is using Google Apps, your admin can roll out TeamsID as they would any other Google App in the Marketplace. Once installed, the TeamsID icon will be visible to everyone in your company’s Google Apps universal navigation bar, so TeamsID is just a click away.

Read the TeamsID Google App Installation Guide