TeamsID Google App for Education

TeamsID Google App for Education enables you to extend the power of Google Apps and make sharing passwords easy and safe for everyone in your institution.

A password manager built just for teams.

It's easy to use.

TeamsID is a password manager designed to be both powerful and intuitive. Set up is extremely easy, your teams will be sharing passwords in minutes.

It's collaborative.

TeamsID enables individuals and teams to be more productive. Teams who use TeamsID are protected from password theft. No more emailing or calling team members for password or record information.

It's available everywhere.

With web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows native apps, everything is in sync. Plus, integration with Google.

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Companies LOVE TeamsID!

Where security meets simplicity. TeamsID has all the features you’re looking for in a team sharing password manager.

  • Admins

    — Dan Anderson, Husband

    ”The fantastic thing about TeamsID is that it is completely permission driven. You get to decide which family member sees what!“

  • Users

    — Jill, Wife

    “For the first time, I don’t need to ask anyone for login to website. It saves all of us time, as a result we stay secure and happy :)”

1,000,000+ customers

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1,000+ business

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions has over 1000 businesses using the product.

10,000,000+ records

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions store over 10 million user records safely encrypted.

Change the way your team works.

If your team uses Gmail or any other web application, you’re all set to start using TeamsID.

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