TeamsID On-Premises Business Password Manager

Never have to remember another password again! We offer a FREE 14 Day Trial of TeamsID. Request a key for On-Premises option.

The Only On-Premises Business Password Manager on the Market!

TeamsID On-Premises can be installed on any of the following Linux machines.

We support 64 bit machines only.

An Effortless Self-Hosted Password Security Solution, Trusted by IT Teams

IT Access Control

Complete control of employee access to business passwords and records. On board and remove employees in seconds.

Setup Your Organization

IT Automation

TeamsID On-Premises includes an Active Directory integration and can be used on all TeamsID Apps.

Download Apps

Self Hosted Option

Our TeamsID On-Premises option can be easily setup by an IT admin. Request an installation key and follow the installation instructions.

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A User-Friendly Security Solution for Your Employees

Secure Business Vault

Every employee in your company has their own secure business password manager for securing and accessing their business tools.

MySafe Personal Vault

Every employee gets their own personal password manager for securing and accessing their personal passwords.

Auto-Fill & Auto-Save

Empower employees by making it easy to save their comprehensive passwords, they’ll never have to remember another password again!

Secret Passwords

Send one time passwords to contractors or agencies that require short term access to your business tools without compromising security.

Custom Record Types

Once a custom record type is created by an employee in your business, that record type will be available to everyone.

Unlimited Records & Teams

Create as many business records or teams as your business requires. Start creating teams and inviting users today!→

TeamsID is a new approach to password management built on a 15 year foundation of password management experience. Our secure password and record management solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses.

TeamsID App Store
TeamsID Mac App Store
TeamsID Windows App Store
TeamsID Google Play
TeamsID Chrome Extension

Admin management control with TeamsID web app.


Create as many business records or teams as your business requires.


iOS, Andriod, Mac, Windows and browser extensions.


RESTful TeamsID API’s are available for your custom end points.

TeamsID On-Premises
$ 24.99/User

TeamsID On-Premises accounts are $24.99/user/month paid annually for the first 10 users.


How to Get Started With TeamsID On-Premises Business Password Manager

Step 1: Request Consult

Request a meeting through the blue chat icon in the lower right corner of this webpage, call us at 415-727-2422, or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

Step 2: Receive your Installation Instructions

If you’re approved for an on-premise solution, we’ll create an installation key for your organization and send an email with instructions and your invoice.

3. Invite Employees

Invited employees will receive an invite email and a link to activate their account. Once accepted, they will be added to their respective teams and records.

An On-Premises Password Manager Your IT Team & Employees Will Love!