TeamsID for Financial Institutions

Password management is a fundamental tenet of effective information security, but it’s harder than it seems to manage passwords correctly. TeamsID makes it easy for financial institutions to deploy and manage passwords even for large teams.


TeamsID is the #1 Choice for Financial Institutions

While there have been advances in authentication technologies, including bio-metrics and two-factor authentication mechanisms, the password remains the primary key for accessing the vast majority of systems and services. Many companies have stringent password policies and strict enforcement of password requirements, but the stakes are higher for firms in the financial services sector. Using TeamsID as a SaaS or on-premise service can greatly reduce the costly password mistakes made by some financial services.

Define policy

Any password-management policy should begin by defining password requirements. Passwords must be complex enough to provide adequate protection, and yet not so complex that they result in locked-out users or increased help desk calls or saving them offline.

Share accounts with audit

One of the keys to maintaining passwords and protecting data is the ability to audit the passwords to ensure they meet policy requirements..Having two or more users share a single user ID or password creates additional risk, but it’s often necessary for certain accounts.

Secure storage

A dedicated attacker may be able to crack even complex and encrypted passwords when given access to the password files and enough time and computing power. TeamsID enables passwords to be restricted to only those users with the authority and need to access them.

You’re in good hands

While TeamsID is a new approach to password management for teams, it’s built on our extraordinary foundation of 15 years of password management experience at SplashData.

1,000,000+ customers

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions have over 1 million consumer and business users.

1,000+ business

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions has over 1000 businesses using the product.

10,000,000+ records

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions store over 10 million user records safely encrypted.

Setting up TeamsID is easy

If you use Slack or any other team based product, you can use TeamsID. Starting a team is really that simple.

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