TeamsID for Law Firms

Password management is a fundamental tenet of effective information security, but it’s harder than it seems to manage passwords correctly. TeamsID makes it easy for Law Firms to deploy and manage passwords even for large teams.


TeamsID is the #1 choice for Law Firms

While there have been advances in authentication technologies, including biometrics and two-factor authentication mechanisms, the password remains the primary key for accessing the vast majority of systems and services. Many companies have stringent password policies and strict enforcement of password requirements, but the stakes are higher for companies in the “Law” sector. Using TeamsID as a SaaS or on-premise service can greatly reduce the costly password mistakes made by some Law Firms.

Access Rights

Law firms often deal with highly secure client information, and they need to ensure that this information is kept safe from both outside hackers and unauthorized employee access inside the company. One way to ensure this is to have proper access management in place. TeamsID helps law firm IT managers set up policies and procedures and give permissions and rights to specific employees that can access certain accounts with in the firm’s IT environment. Law Firms are often targets of hacking as their data is extremely sensitive. Therefore password management should be viewed as imperative.

Managing Temps

Law Firms often work with temporary employees, who may need temporary access to specific systems. The firm needs to ensure that these accounts are created correctly and then disabled when the temp is done. Sometimes with larger cases, the firm might needs to share files and other firms who are assisting. In this case also, temporary access might need to be created. Although it seems simple, it is all too common for these temporary accounts to be left active, leaving the firm’s network vulnerable.These issue can be easily solved with TeamsID and should be looked at as a priority.

Cloud / Remote Access

Mobile access is becoming very common.This process also needs to be secure, as well as efficient so that they can easily access the applications they need on the go, but not interfere with the security of this information. That is one of the main reasons TeamsID was built. TeamsID is a SaaS-based cloud application that is built with the most advanced security features enabling lawyers to work remotely with confidence. This means you can access TeamsID and manage as with in-house applications. Once these accounts are provisioned, they can be securely accessed from mobile devices on the go.

You’re in good hands

While TeamsID is a new approach to password management for teams, it’s built on our extraordinary foundation of 15 years of password management experience at SplashData.

1,000,000+ customers

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions have over 1 million consumer and business users.

1,000+ business

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions has over 1000 businesses using the product.

10,000,000+ records

SplashData’s secure password and record management solutions store over 10 million user records safely encrypted.

Setting up TeamsID is easy

If you use Slack or any other team based product, you can use TeamsID. Starting a team is really that simple.

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