Foxtail Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

What we do

Foxtail Marketing is a growing Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in fulfilling gaps in the sales cycle, and shortening the sales cycle for businesses. We do this through a holistic approach to online marketing, which brings leads, traffic, ROI, and results to our clients.

What I do

I’m Sara. I work at Foxtail Marketing. I am the Director of Operations at the company. I create processes and implement systems to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the company are running, and am constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and streamline processes. Recently, I implemented a password manager for her office because security means a lot to us. Before we find out about her implementation experience, let’s get to know Sara a little bit better.

Our problem

Marketing agencies have lots of tools, apps, and platforms that we use. This requires a large plethora of passwords to be stored, as well as all the passwords for our clients’ applications as well. As a growing company, we realized that the way we were storing our information was no longer going to work. Not only was it insecure, but it was disorganized, and we weren’t able to restrict who had access to what information. We needed a tool that allowed us to give access to different items to only the people who needed it.

TeamsID Solution

TeamsID has allowed us to segment our passwords to relevant people. The entire company has implemented TeamsID. IT now has access to the logins and FTP access they need. Our SEO department has access to all of our SEO related data (Moz, SEMrush), and we were also able to segment based on company role, as well as individual teams. Sometimes these teams are cross-functioning and TeamsID allowed us to easily set up cross-functioning teams and access levels in the system. The UI (user interface) is simple and it’s easy to use. Individuals can use it to store their own personal data and it won’t store in anyone else’s account. There are so many things besides passwords that you can use it for as well, like addresses, phone numbers, and contact information. Teams ID rocks, and it was a breeze to implement! I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a secure way to store a lot of sensitive data and restrict data between individuals. If you are looking for a fast, easy, and efficient way to organize and store your passwords, take our advice here at Foxtail Marketing: TeamsID is the way to go! As a growing company, we needed a better password management system because our old one wasn’t working as well anymore. Plus, we just had a lot of tools and apps that we used because we’re a marketing agency. TeamsID helped us to organize all those passwords into one place and keep everything secure in the process. We like TeamsID because they make it easy to store our personal and company data. It’s a versatile way to store any information, not just your passwords.