HomeTown Grocers

What we do

Hometown Grocers is an eCommerce provider to the Grocery industry. We provide a web base ordering system for grocery retailers who do not have an way to process online orders. Hometown Grocers has been in business providing services to the Grocery industry since 1993.

What I do

I am Dan Anderson, Director of Corporate Systems. That means I lead a small team of software engineers and a small team of network support personnel. I play an active role on both teams because at small companies everyone wears multiple hats.

Our problem

About 2 years ago we added a huge feature to our system: PCI compliant credit card processing. We started using the Payware Connect product from Verifone to store and process credit cards for us. Since each grocery retailer has multiple stores and we service many grocery retailers, we need to set up and manage many sub accounts under Payware Connect. Each sub account had its own set of credentials, and they must change on a regular basis. This would be impossible to manage without a password management system. On the Network front, we have credentials for Windows Domains and hardware such as firewalls, switches and UPSs. Having those in a document is a poor solution that can lead to tremendous damage.

TeamsID Solution

I had been a user of SplashID from the early Palm OS days, so when I started here, I put the network credentials in SplashID for PC. When we started the PCI compliant process, we put the credentials in a separate SplashID for PC database. Needless to say, we out grew those programs as we needed more and more simultaneous access to both databases. I chose TeamsID because using SplashID all those years had given me confidence that you guys were the experts in the domain. Now we have 162 records in TeamsID and it is growing. Managing records and team members is easy and simple. Single Sign On makes access easy, and two step authentication makes signing on secure. I cannot imagine going back. I found TeamsID to be so useful, I stopped using SplashID for my personal records and started using TeamsID. The telling part here is that I moved from a product that I had lifetime support for, to one that I have to pay for. I set up a TeamsID account for my family (anderthal.us) and now share records with my wife and kids. I now recommend TeamsID to all my other clients. On a closing note, support has been excellent! Each time I have an issue, your response has been fast and helpful.