HomeTown Grocers

HomeTown Grocers gained 24 FULL workdays back with TeamsID!

Hometown Grocers is an eCommerce provider to the Grocery industry. They provide a web base ordering system for grocery retailers who do not have a way to process online orders.


• Google Single Sign On & two-factor authentication features.
• The need for a central location to store their passwords.
• Advanced admin controls to eliminate employee errors.

“I can’t imagine ever going back to managing passwords through shared docs and spreadsheets.  It was a nightmare before we started using TeamsID.” Dan Anderson  | Director of Corporate Systems

HomeTown Grocers

Technology / Food

San Francisco, CA


1-50 Employees

1. Why did HomeTown Grocers need a password manager?

“We service a number of grocery retailers, and countless stores, with each store containing their own set of sub accounts. Each sub account has unique credentials, which need to be changed regularly. This would be impossible to manage without a powerful password management system. At the time, we were using Google Docs to share and distribute the sub account credentials to our IT Team. Our IT Team could sometimes spend up to 2 hours a day making credential changes. Implementing a password manager to eliminate this time wasting task became a priority for our IT Team fairly quickly.”

2. How did you hear about TeamsID?

“I was an early adopter of SplashData’s SplashID, the personal password manager, from the early Palm OS days. When SplashData came out with TeamsID, their password manager for teams, I knew it was a product my team could use to be more productive and secure.”

3. Why did you choose TeamsID?

“We analyzed 5-10 different password solutions until we were able to narrow it down to 1. We took a look at the usual suspects LastPass, Keeper, Meldium, ZoHo, and obviously deciding on going with TeamsID. My team wanted an app that was simple to use and one they could use across all of their devices. We were looking for a powerful password solution that could help save us time and be more efficient, TeamsID provided us exactly that!”

4. What do like most about TeamsID?

“We love how easy and simple it is to manage all of our records and team members. Their Google Single Sign On makes access easy, while their two-step authentication keeps our access safe and secure. I cannot imagine going back. I found TeamsID to be so useful that I stopped using SplashID for my personal records and started using TeamsID. This is a big deal, considering that I lifetime support for SplashID, and had to start paying for TeamsID. I set up a TeamsID account for my family (anderthal.us) and now share records with my wife and kids. I recommend TeamsID to all my clients and friends. Also, the support team has been excellent! If I ever have an issue, they respond right away with a helpful solution.”

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