What we do

In the KjG (Katholische junge Gemneinde… it’s German for “catholic young community”), children and young people learn to form their own opinions, to shape their lives according to their own ideas, to assume social and political responsibility, and to develop their talents further. The KJG sees itself as a church in the lifeworld of children and adolescents who can live and discover their faith in a contemporary way. The focus is on joint actions on parishioners. As a federation the KjG can be experienced on all church levels. The KjG Diocesan Federation Freiburg is the largest Catholic children’s and youth association in the Archdiocese of Freiburg, with around 8,000 members. KjG members are active in around 245 parishes. The KjG counts around 80,000 members nationwide.

What I do

I’m Fabian, a “Bildungsreferent” what means I’m working with and for the young, voluntary workers in the organization. I accompany them in affairs of work, life and faith.

Our problem

In our team we have 6 employees in two offices and a lot of voluntary workers who are living on different places over the whole diocese. All together we have to use the same platforms and services which have all different LogIn-Information we have to share. Former times we had several google doc sheets with this information… just horrible 🙂

TeamsID Solution

Our team is using the google products in google suite and it’s working really fine. So I want a solution where people don’t have to choose another password etc… Teams ID is integrated in the google environment and our team-members just have a new feature in their work-flow.