UNO Charter School

Educational Institution

What we do

The UNO Charter School Network (UCSN) was founded on the need to bolster public education in Chicago as a way to effect positive change in predominantly Hispanic communities. UCSN’s first school, UCSN Octavio Paz Elementary, was founded in 1998. UCSN is a 501(c)(3). UCSN is focused on advancing the lives of community residents by challenging students, parents, and faculty to reach the highest academic standards. Over the past 18+ years, UCSN has increased educational opportunities for deserving and capable students in Chicago by expanding its network to include eleven K-8 elementary schools, three high schools, and one K-12 school.

What I do

I am Robert Chinnici and am the IT Operations Manager at UCSN Schools. I manage the HelpDesk team and also ensure that daily IT Equipment and Services at the School Level and Central Office continue to operate as needed and intended.

Our problem

Passwords were shared loosely among team members. Many passwords were known generally by most staff. If a password was changed, there wasn’t an effective way to securely publish it to the team.

TeamsID Solution

TeamsID was a cost-effective and easy to implement way to share passwords with the team. TeamsID has helped us to provide a safe and secure way to share passwords internally.