UNO Charter School

UNO Charter School needed to safeguard their records from potential attackers.

UCSN increasing educational opportunities for deserving and capable students in Chicago by expanding its network to include eleven K-8 elementary schools, three high schools, and one K-12 school.


• A trusted password security solution.
• Need for a centralized Google Apps for Education password manager.
• Admin controls that could minimize employee carelessness.

“Before TeamsID, we were sharing or passwords all over the place. We became vulnerable and needed to improve our password processes.” Robert Chinnici  | IT Operations Manager

UNO Charter School


Chicago, IL


50-100 Employees

1. What’s caused you to seek out a password manager?

Our IT Department needed a way to safeguard sensitive records and information from careless employees or ex employees. Each department in the company has at least 10 collective logins, which each employee in that department have access to. Each time someone left the company, our IT admin would have to change all of those logins to ensure the ex employee no longer had access. We were compromising our security and wasting our IT Admins time by not using a password manager like TeamsID.

2. Why did you choose TeamsID?

I’ll keep this answer pretty simple, it was simple; see what I did there? No, in all seriousness, the other password managers were clunky and not very efficient. We tried the TeamsID free trial and the UI was Google esk. We got it to save time, we didn’t need a clutter password manager that would cause confusion and irritation.

3. What’s your favorite feature on TeamsID

Secrete passwords have saved our IT team a lot of wasted time on changing out passwords with freelancers and contractors. We have at least 2 contractors working with us at a time, with secrete passwords, we are confident that we can provide them with access to the tools they need.

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