How Well Can You Guess These Celebrity Passwords?

by Morgan

After years of studying passwords, there are definitely patterns and “secrets” that are most commonly followed. As was made evident in the semi-recent scandal, celebrities follow the same patterns when they create their passwords. Do you know these celebrities well enough to guess what their passwords might be? Find out by taking this celebrity password […]

The case for passphrases

by Morgan

I’ve been making the case for using passphrases rather than passwords for years, especially in our press releases for our annual Worst Passwords lists. A good passphrase consisting of several words with spaces or dashes in between (like “Garage-city-park-where” or “eat cake every eighth”) is stronger than most gobbledygook passwords that have lots of random characters, and passphrases […]

secure passwords

The Importance Of Having A Secure Password [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Morgan

The average person spends roughly 11 hours online every day. From banking to chatting with friends, there’s no limit to all of the things we can do online. However, most of the sites or online resources we use daily—from Facebook to Gmail—are secured using a simple password. Believe it or not, most people’s passwords aren’t […]