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TeamsID offers not just a cloud solution but also native apps to manage passwords on mobile devices and desktop systems. TeamsID apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Plus we have a Chrome browser extension.


How does TeamsID work?

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With TeamsID, anyone in a team can start creating records and making them available to others. You can also create confidential records that only you have access to.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy – Setup teams, Invite members, and then invite members into those teams. Then, anyone in a team can start creating records and making them available to others. You can also create confidential records that only you have access to.

Setup teams

Anyone can setup a TeamsID account to create one or more teams and then invite members. Usually, it is the IT person or someone technical in the team who sets it up for others.

Invite members

When an admin invites a member to join the team, and the user accepts the invitation, then the user becomes a member on the team and has access to records shared with the team.

Assign permissions

Each Team in has its own set of members with specified permissions. Any record can be shared with one or more teams. A team usually has a Team Admin to manage the team.

How can TeamsID help us?

Get more work done

With everyone using TeamsID, your organization is more secure, team members spend less time looking for information, and everyone gets more work done.

Make sharing passwords safe

Each team has members you specify with permissions you set. Each member can also safely store personal passwords and these records are available only to them.

Organize your passwords

Records are how passwords and other sensitive data is entered in TeamsID. A record can be shared with teams or members. Easily search through all your records in TeamsID, even notes and tags.

Assign Permissions

Members with access to a record have access to all the fields, notes, and other information inside a record. You can also set a due date to let your teammates know when the record needs attention.

What does TeamsID feature?

Feature by feature

See all TeamsID features and how they work wonders for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.

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At-a-glance Admin dashboard provides feedback on record security to keep your team’s information safe

Due dates

Due dates ensure every record gets completed on time. You also receive an alert when a record is due.


Add files from your computer to any TeamsID records and you can add up to three attachments per record.


Frequent a record, mark it a favorite. TeamsID comes with a favorites filters, so it is easy to get to your favorite records

Simple pricing
$ 3/user

We’re confident you’ll find increased productivity and security for you and everyone you work with for low as $3 per user per month. Pricing details

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How do I set up TeamsID?

 Setting up TeamsID is easy

If you use Slack or any other team based product, you can use TeamsID. Starting a team is really that simple.

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