Manage & Access Business Logins & Records With Ease

The powerful features your business needs to be more secure & productive!

Secure Business Vault

Our simple business vault allows for users and teams to easily create records and get access to those records with just a click of a button.

“Every record imaginable for my business is secure and easily accessible in the TeamsID dashboard.”   CEO, Precise-Ads

MySafe Personal Vault

Allow your employees to keep their personal records and passwords secure as well.  IT Admins can turn MySafe on or off depending on your companies needs.

“We are able to secure our greatest security vulnerability, our employees.”   IT Admin, Keystone Bingo Supply Inc.

Auto-Fill & Auto-Save

Add new records to your Business Password Manager when login into a new site. Auto capture can be disabled on your Chrome plugin.

“I never have to remember another username or password again!” Social Media Manager, Virbula

Secret Passwords

Changing your passwords after a contractor or freelancer’s work is completed can be annoying and time consuming. With TeamsID’s Secret Password your teams will be more secure and save time.

Secret passwords allow me to share passwords without compromising our security.” Accounting Director, Kriya Hotels

Custom Record Types

Users can create custom record types to add to the already abundant list of predefined records.  Once a custom record type is created by a team member, that record type will be available to the rest of the team.

“The record types I can create is truly unlimited. I use it for everything.”  IT Admin, Hometown Grocers

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