One secure location for ALL of your business passwords & records.

The powerful features your business needs to be more secure & productive!

Company wide access to business tools.

Your employees will never have to remember another username or password again!

Our simple platform allows for users and teams to easily create records and get access to those records with only a click of a button.

Advanced admin controls.

IT Admins have complete control over who has access to your company’s passwords and records. 

Organizational admins have access to all team settings, they can set password policies, edit records, add or remove users, and download activity logs.

FREE Ebook | Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

“As of 2015, 36% of companies have implemented some form of BYOD policy. By this year, it is estimated that more than 50% will have made the move and 74% have either done so or are considering a transition. That’s an increase of 50% over that time period, and it’s projected to continue increasing rapidly in the coming years.”

Find out what the challenges, benefits and security provisions are for a robust BYOD policy.

Creating new business records.

Team members can create and share records in a matter of seconds. 

Teams add new tools all the time. Team members can create records for their respective teams without the help of your IT Admin.

Secret passwords for outside hired help.

Secret passwords allow businesses to share passwords without compromising security.

Changing your passwords after a contractor or freelancer’s work is completed can be annoying and time consuming. With TeamsID’s Secret Password your teams will be more secure and save time.

Unlimited record types.

The types of records your teams can create are truly unlimited.  Team members can create custom record types to add to the already abundant list of predefined records.  Once a custom record type is created by a team member, that record type will be available to the rest of the team.

Unlimited Teams.

TeamsID was built no only to secure business teams, but also to make them more productive.  Get your whole company set up in minutes with each team’s respective tools!

MySafe personal records for employees.

Allow your employees to keep their personal records and passwords secure as well.  IT Admins can turn MySafe on or off depending on your companies needs.

Chrome Extension Auto-Captures Web Logins

TeamsID users who have added the TeamsID Chrome Extension can add new records when they sign-up and sign-in to their web logins online. If there is no current record of the web login in your TeamsID dashboard an auto-capture dialog popup will appear.

TeamsID is available on ALL your devices.

TeamsID App Store
TeamsID Mac App Store
TeamsID Windows App Store
TeamsID Google Play
TeamsID Chrome Extension

TeamsID can be hosted however you like.

Self-hosted (on-premises) or TeamsID hosted.

Choose to host TeamsID with us through Amazon AWS or on your own on-premises. In under 10 minute we can get TeamsID installed on your Linux box or right away through Amazon AWS.

TeamsID is integrated with your Single Sign On (SSO) IdP platform.

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