The Lewis Family

TeamsID made sharing passwords and records easy for everyone in the Lewis family!

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• Needed to share passwords and sensitive information with family members.
• Wanted to safe guard their children on the internet.
• Admin controls that minimize their children’s chance at an attack.

“My family loves TeamsID!  We no longer have to text or call our family members for access to shared logins.” Debbie Lewis | Mother


New York City, NY


1. What’s caused you to seek out a password manager?

We have a lot of shared logins like Netflix/HBO, banking records, medical records and insurance information. We were constantly messaging each other to get this information.  We knew there was a safer way to share sensitive information between each other, so we decided to look for a password manager for families.

2. How did you hear about TeamsID?

TeamsID was the only password manager that supported families. We found out about TeamsID with just a simple google search of password managers for families.

3. Why did you choose TeamsID?

We tried other free password solutions but they were built for personal and business users.  TeamsID was so simple to use even my mother, who is 78 years old,  was able to understand the dashboard.

4. Who in your family uses TeamsID?

Our entire family uses TeamsID.  We have even shared certain records with extended family.  For example, my cousin wanted to watch NFL Sunday ticket online but didn’t have the service.  We shared out Sunday Ticket login credentials with him and he was able to watch games on Sunday for FREE!

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“TeamsID is the Slack for Passwords!” 

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